Hudson Chronicle

CNN: Artists of the Hudson River School

CNN: George Wexler Interview

Print Media:

Hudson Valley Magazine
April 1975
Art Focus
by Tom Enger


Arts Magazine
Jan 1976


American Artist Magazine
May 1981
by Eunice Agar

Painting The Landscape: Developing Your Own Personal Style Oct 1984
Watson Guptic Publications
by Elizabeth Leonard

The New Response: Contemporary Painters of the Hudson River
Show at: 
Albany Institute 1985-86 (Nov-Jan)
Vassar College 1986 (Jan-Mar)
Artists Choice Museum 1986 (Apr-May)

George Wexler: Landscapes of a Different Hue
Modern Maturity
June-July 1985
by Linda Hubbard


New York Times
July 1986


Art News
Nov. 1989



Art & Antiques Magazine, Nov. 1989
by Jed Perl


Hudson Valley Newspapers, Sept 1992
by Karen Torma


Art In America Magazine, Feb 1993
by Ken Johnson


A Sense of Place: The Artist and the American Land, Nov. 1 1997
Island Press/Shearwater Books
by Alan Gussow and Richard Wilbur